Tibia 11 released — updated map downloads

Tibia 11 is now the official standard client to play Tibia. While the old Tibia 10 client is still supported for now, it won’t be for much longer according to CipSoft.

Our downloads now include map files that can be used directly with the Tibia 11 client. We’ve added a new maps installation guide for the Tibia 11 Windows client, too.

If you’re still using the Flash client, or the Tibia 10 client on Windows or Linux, don’t worry — we still offer downloads for those as well.

As a result of the Tibia 11 release, some changes are required to update TibiaMaps.io. The hardest part of this work has been done already: we figured out the structure of the new Tibia 11 map file format back in April. However, we are still in the process of upgrading our tools accordingly. Once that’s done, our various downloads can be updated automatically whenever we update the map data. Currently, that only happens for the downloads targeting the Tibia 10 and Flash clients — we’re still generating and updating the downloads for the Tibia 11 client manually based on our source data.