3,356,052 walkable tiles

CipSoft shared a pretty cool infographic full of interesting statistics about Tibia.

One statistic in particular relates to the Tibia map: apparently, the current Tibia map includes exactly 3,356,052 walkable tiles.

Let’s find out how many of those are included in our map data, shall we?

I quickly wrote a Bash script to count the number of walkable tiles in the latest version of our map data (b7c829cb2f):

tibia-maps --from-data=data --output-dir=Automap;
for file in Automap/*.map; do
# Get just the pathfinding data, and count only walkable tiles.
# In other words, discard 0xFA (unexplored) and 0xFF (non-walkable) bytes.
# https://tibiamaps.io/guides/map-file-format#pathfinding-data
dd if="${file}" skip=65536 count=65536 \
iflag=skip_bytes,count_bytes status=none | \
tr -d $'\xFA\xFF' | \
wc -c;
done | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s}';

Update: Tibia 11 has a completely new map file format, and so the above script won’t work on minimap files. Instead, you can use tibia-count-walkable-tiles:

tibia-count-walkable-tiles minimap/Minimap_WaypointCost_*.png

The footer on this website now lists the total amount of walkable tiles in our map data. This number is updated automatically whenever the map data gets updated.

At the time of writing, we’ve collectively explored 2,998,056 walkable tiles. At the same rate of 1 tile per second, that’s almost 35 days of walking. These tiles account for 89.33% of the current total amount of walkable tiles as reported by CipSoft. Only 10.66% to go until our map data is complete! Not bad. 😅

Here’s how those nearly three million tiles are distributed across the 16 in-game floors:

Floor ID Walkable tiles
00 (i.e. the highest floor) 3,217
01 11,713
02 21,685
03 27,125
04 44,044
05 90,526
06 144,212
07 (i.e. the ground floor) 989,802
08 290,467
09 314,403
10 286,378
11 203,652
12 169,331
13 149,947
14 148,580
15 (the lowest floor, deep underground) 102,974

Some interesting take-aways:

  • As could be expected, the ground floor (07) contains more walkable tiles than any other floor. In fact, it has more than three times as many walkable tiles as the runner-up, floor 09 (i.e. two levels underground).
  • There are more walkable tiles below the ground than above it.
  • The lowest floor (15, deep underground) has 32 times as many walkable tiles as the highest floor (00).

Update: The 3,356,052 walkable tiles CipSoft mentioned can’t all be map-explored by regular characters. For example, roofs are walkable and can become visible from lower floors depending on your position, but that doesn’t mean they are reachable/mappable. The same goes for areas such as the tower in Hellgate. CipSoft’s number includes such tiles although they cannot be map-explored by mere mortals. Similarly, some tiles such as opened loose stone piles can be walked on, although they are not necessarily marked as such in the pathfinding data. CipSoft’s count includes such tiles, but ours doesn’t. Thanks to CM Mirade for confirming these suspicions via email!

If you’re using our maps and spot a missing area, you can help by letting us know about it!