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Contribute to our map data

From 2011 until mid-2015, Ama Lilith maintained the map downloads, and managed the website formerly known as TibiaMaps.org. If it wasn’t for her exploration efforts, we might’ve never known what the Tibian world looked like. A big thanks to her!

After Lilith retired, Mathias (an inhabitant of Vunira and TibiaWiki administrator) took over maintenance of the map data, and rebooted the site as TibiaMaps.io. However, map exploration is a lot of work. We need your help exploring the Tibian lands!

There’s several ways you can help us improve our Tibia map data.

By contributing, you help out not just TibiaMaps.io and its users, but also TibiaWiki and everyone else using the tibia-map-data project!

For any other kind of feedback regarding our website or the map data, please feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook.