TibiaMaps.org is dead. Long live TibiaMaps.io!

That’s right — TibiaMaps.org is now TibiaMaps.io!

We’ve been offering high-quality Tibia map downloads since 2011 and we intend to carry on that tradition. That hasn’t changed.

So what’s new, then? Well, besides the domain name change from TibiaMaps.org to TibiaMaps.io, you’re looking at an all-new website, built from scratch.

Another important difference is that there’s finally a centralized place for collaborative Tibia map exploration efforts. All the Tibia map-related content on this new website is fully open-source. This means it’s easier than ever for the Tibia community to contribute to the map data, or to keep track of changes. Did I mention TibiaWiki switched to our map data for their excellent Mapper tool?

Additionally, the tools used to manage the map files are open-source. The source code for the online map viewer is available, too. Even the source code for our Windows maps installer is on GitHub! We can’t wait to see your patches and contributions.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Ama Lilith for managing the maps and the website since 2011 until mid-2015, when I (Mathias, a TibiaWiki admin) took over the maintenance burden. Lilith has been retired from the game for a while now, and with her permission, we’re now rebranding TibiaMaps.org as TibiaMaps.io!