Tibia 10.90: what’s new on the map?

The 2015 Winter Update has been released! This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers. For information on other aspects of this update, see the official announcement on Tibia.com or the detail page for the 10.90 update on TibiaWiki.

As always, you can get the latest version of our maps (including these new areas) in the downloads section. Here’s what’s new.

There’s a new city named Krailos to the north of Oramond.

On Tibia’s 19th birthday (i.e. January 7th 2016, a couple of weeks after the update) a new room below Krailos became accessible as part of the Opticording Sphere quest.

The city of Darashia was extended with a new building in the north-east.

A teleport within this building leads to the Seven Abodes of Torment aka the dungeons of the Ruthless Seven Minions. These areas are only accessible as part of a new quest that is rather hardcore, and thus haven’t been fully explored yet — let us know if you can help out!

The island of Travora has been swallowed by the sea. Only a ship and a connected platform remain.

PvP duelling arenas have been added to Ankrahmun, Edron, Kazordoon, Rathleton, and Thais.

The teleport to Fazzrah as part of the Killing in the Name of… quest was moved from the boat in Razachai to the Muggy Plains. As a result, it’s much easier to reach.

CipSoft (accidentally?) leaked a map containing a new, mysterious island to the north of Tiquanda/Banuta. It’s unclear how to get there, or whether it even exists. Rumors say Schrödinger’s Island might be related to the level 999 gate of expertise…

Have fun exploring the new areas!