Map-related changes in the Tibia 11 Beta client

The Tibia 11 client is now in beta. Although it looks very similar to the current Tibia 10 client, it has been recoded from scratch using Qt.

This blog post highlights two changes involving maps in the Tibia 11 client. For more information about the new client, check out the Tibia 11 Beta FAQ.

  1. In the new client, it’s possible to move the minimap in all directions via mouse drag, just like our online map viewer.
  2. The new client stores its map data in a brand new format. I’ve already reverse-engineered the new format so that support for it can be added to our tibia-maps command-line interface soon.

By the time the Tibia 11 client becomes the default, will offer Tibia map downloads in the format used by the new client.

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