Rathleton Plaza 1 map bug

There is an interesting map bug involving Rathleton Plaza 1, i.e. the house right here:

Walk up the stairs to reach the top floor of the house. Then, move to this exact tile:

Then face east and levitate upwards (exani hur up). You’ll end up on the roof:

Here’s a video showing what that looks like:

Clearly, the roof isn’t supposed to be an accessible area. What makes this bug so serious is that the roof is not a protection zone, meaning health and mana regenerates while you’re up there. Players without access to the house can’t reach this area, nor get close enough to attack you. The roof is essentially a completely safe non-PZ area suitable for AFK manasitting or PvP-style skill training that is only reachable by someone with access to the house. All this gives an unfair advantage to players with access to this house on any server.

The only reason this bug isn’t more widely known is because you need access to the house (i.e. own it or be invited by the owner) to reproduce it. I’ve confirmed the bug on the recent test server (where anyone can access any house or guildhall) and reported it to CipSoft. They’re tracking it internally as TIBIA-11288, but it’s unclear when they’ll fix it.

Update: This bug is already being abused to trap players. The evil owner invites someone into their house, tells them to get up on the roof, and then deletes the invitation for that player. Since exani hur down can’t be used anymore in that case, the victim is now trapped. Don’t fall for this trick!

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