Map bug in Oramond sewers

Due to a map bug, it’s easier than intended to access the abandoned sewers in Oramond. The map bug enables a shortcut that bypasses a quest door that is usually unlocked during the Dark Trails Quest.

This means that anyone can access the abandoned sewers without actually completing this quest. And even if you’ve already completed the quest, the shortcut still gets you there faster than by walking through the quest door.

Here’s how it works. Enter the sewers through this sewer grate:

Walk north-west and go down another floor:

Walk west, then north, and move to this exact tile:

Then face north and levitate downwards (exani hur down). You’ll end up on the floor below:

The quest door, which you’re supposed to be reaching from the other side, is just a few tiles to the east of there:

The hunting area with demons and grim reapers is to the south-west:

Here’s a video showing what that looks like:

Thanks to Yoloswagson for sharing this shortcut in his video!

Update (May 14th, 2016): CipSoft seems to have fixed the map bug.

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