Maps installation guide for the Tibia Windows client

The easiest way to install or update the maps used by the current Tibia client on Windows is to use our executable installer. The installer automatically downloads our latest available maps and places them in the correct location. The source code for the installer is available on GitHub.

If for some reason you prefer to do it manually, here’s how that works:

Installing maps for the Test Server client

The Test Server client uses a separate directory for its configuration. Its minimap folder can be found at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tibia\packages\TibiaExternal\minimap instead of %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tibia\packages\Tibia\minimap. One option is to follow the same manual installation steps as above for this directory.

However, there’s an easier option! We recommend sharing the minimap folder across the two clients by creating a hard directory link (also known as a “junction”). Press Windows + R to open the Windows “Run” dialog and enter cmd. In the command prompt that appears, enter the following:

mklink /J %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tibia\packages\TibiaExternal\minimap %LOCALAPPDATA%\Tibia\packages\Tibia\minimap

This makes the test client’s minimap folder point to your main client’s minimap folder. This not only saves disk space, but also means you only have to maintain your maps in a single place instead of copying folders all the time. With this trick, you can also use our executable map installer to update the maps for both clients.