Recent map updates

We’re constantly working on improving our map data. Our Tibia map downloads get updated weekly with the latest data, and whenever that happens, other sites and tools relying on our maps (such as TibiaWiki, Tibialyzer, etc.) are automatically up-to-date as well.

In order to maintain a decent signal-to-noise ratio, we don’t generally publish a blog post every time our map data is updated — only for major game updates. Lately however, a couple of interesting new areas that were especially hard to explore have been added. This blog post summarizes those hard-to-reach areas.

Do you know of another area that is missing from our map data? Please let us know!

Hidden cave on Tutorial Island

Tutorial Island, located to the south of Rookgaard, is where newly created characters used to spawn until it was superseded by Dawnport. Even after it was made inaccessible for new players, existing characters that were logged out on Tutorial Island could remain there and map-explore for as long as they wanted… until CipSoft decided to teleport such characters away from the island. From that point on, Tutorial Island has been completely inaccessible.

This made it all the more painful that our map lacked the data for a single, slightly hidden cave on the island. We knew the cave had to exist, because its walls could be seen on the mini-map from another cave to the north. Luckily, we’ve now managed to finally explore this area, thanks to some screenshot archaeology.

Armenius’ basement

If you’ve ever wandered through the Yalaharian Trade Quarter, you may have encountered NPC Armenius in his tavern. During a certain quest, there’s a small chance of Armenius teleporting you to his basement. So far, this basement has only been visited by a few extremely lucky Tibians. Thanks to Smuu, our map data now includes Armenius’ basement!

Tavern cellar below Yalahar sewers

Below the city of Yalahar lie its sewers. In the southern section of the sewers, a room can be seen, but it is not immediately obvious how to reach it:

It turns out this area can be reached through a tavern cellar hidden below the sewers. This cellar can only be accessed as part of a quest.

Opticording sphere quest room in the Otherworld

One of the many remaining mysteries in Tibia is that of the opticording sphere quest. This quest is still unsolved, and may not even be fully solvable yet. Recently, a new area related to this quest was discovered, hidden deep within the Otherworld. Thanks to Smuu, our map data now includes this quest room.

Schrödinger’s island

A recently discovered island to the north of Tiquanda might be related to the infamous level 999 gate of expertise in Banuta. Since there’s still no conclusive proof the island even exists, it’s known as Schrödinger’s island. Our map data includes it just in case.

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