Winners of the fansite item contest

We’re excited to announce the winners of the fansite item contest, as well as the official fansite item, soon to be now available in-game!

First place

armillary sphere by Robin Kint

Second place

map of secret places by Makadamia

Third place

compass-powered shield by Lekaishin

Congratulations to the winners!

Here’s the complete overview of all valid submissions we received, in alphabetical order by proposed item name:

adventurer amulet by Sacros Arturt
armillary sphere by Robin Kint
bag full of markers by Whitee moon
celestial charter shield by Titan of Tsunami
compass of destiny by Aka Tank
compass-powered shield by Lekaishin
defective Goshnar Positional System by Nareull
discoverer doll by Smucker
discoverer map by Hunter Artemis
doll of Angus the explorer by Brighid Grand Explorateur
globe backpack by Acolyte Rain
globe of adventure by Sun Kivi
globe of the lightbringers by Lupus Aurelius
golden globe by Achiru Avenger
golden sundial compass by Demonovsky
haunted globe by Lupus Aurelius
magical golden telescope by Demonovsky
magical map by Adry Tsar
magical marker by Dinyus Poulain
map of endless possibilities by Acolyte Rain
map of secret places by Makadamia
wind rose shield by Makadamia

Thank you to all Tibians who participated in the contest!

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