TibiaMaps.io fansite item contest

TibiaMaps.io has been a supported fansite since 2016. It’s about time TibiaMaps.io got its own in-game item… To this end, we’re happy to announce the TibiaMaps.io fansite item contest! With this contest, we’re counting on the community’s creativity to come up with the best possible item proposal.

The winner of this contest gets to brag about their design getting implemented by CipSoft, as TibiaMaps.io’s official fansite item. In addition to this eternal glory, the following prizes are awarded to the top 3 submissions:

  1. First place: fansite item (once implemented), golden trophy of excellence, medal of honour
  2. Second place: tome of choice (blue, green, grey, purple, or red), silver trophy of excellence
  3. Third place: nightmare doll, bronze trophy of excellence

How to participate

  • Submissions must be posted to the dedicated GitHub thread.
  • The submission must comply with CipSoft’s technical guidelines, explained below.
  • The item must refer to TibiaMaps.io in some way, but how exactly is up to you! Some suggestions: an astrolabe, a sundial compass, a telescope, a sextant, a globe, a wall-hangable map, a map parchment that opens/closes when used, a doll playing with any of these items, etc.
  • The submission must contain the following in order to be considered valid:
    • the item’s name
    • the item’s weight
    • the item’s in-game description
    • the item’s behavior: should it do anything when you “use” it? (E.g. is it writable / does it change or produce a visual effect when you use it / does it make a sound / should it glow in the dark, and if so, in which color / etc.)
  • There’s no limit on the number of entries per user, but only one entry per user may be a winning entry.
  • The deadline is July 6th at 23:59 CET.

Keep in mind that several map-related items already exist in Tibia. Here’s an overview:

map (color)
map (brown)
treasure map
old map
tactical map
adventurer’s map
chargeable compass
charged compass (blue)
charged compass (green)
charged compass (violet)
opticompass sphere
map (wall-hangable)
celestial map (wall-hangable)
map effect (not currently used in-game)

It’s fine to propose a new item (a map, a globe, a compass) even if a similar item already exists in-game, but please try to be original and give your item a unique design and distinct functionality.

Alternatively, come up with a brand-new item that doesn’t already exist in the game, such as an astrolabe, a sundial compass, a telescope, or a sextant. Or maybe a doll that is playing with a map or globe? Unleash your creativity!

Technical guidelines

  • Image dimensions must be 32×32 pixels.
  • If the item artwork is not animated, it must be supplied as a 24-bit PNG file.
  • If the item artwork is animated, it must be supplied as an animated GIF containing up to 128 frames. Each frame may have a different exposure time (which is usually at around 100 to 200 ms per frame). For pauses in the animation, increase the frame time rather than repeating the frame.
  • Images must have a fully transparent background (1-bit transparency only).
  • The item must have a dark outline (like most other in-game items).
  • The item and its design must fit into Tibia’s setting.
  • The item must not contain any direct references to a country.
  • The item must be purely decorative, that is, it must not change any character skills or stats or give other benefits.
  • It must be possible to pick the item up from the floor into one’s backpack. (E.g. it cannot be solid furniture.)
  • If the item is hangable, consult CipSoft’s helpful infographic. Three versions of the hangable item must be provided: the item hanging on a vertical wall, the item hanging on a horizontal wall, and the item when it’s not hung. Consult CipSoft’s helpful infographic for more details.

Winner selection

  • The TibiaMaps.io team selects the top three winners.
  • CipSoft’s content team then revises the submissions and determines the winner.
  • If the first winner's item cannot be implemented, the next winner gets selected.
  • The entry is subject to change by the TibiaMaps.io team or by CipSoft.
  • The winner must sign a disclaimer granting the rights of the artwork to CipSoft.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s proposals. Good luck to all participants!