Tibia’s 25th anniversary: what’s new on the map?

To celebrate Tibia’s 25th birthday, CipSoft introduced a lot of new content into the game. This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers. For information on other aspects of this update, see the official announcement on Tibia.com or the detail page for Tibia’s 25th anniversary update on TibiaWiki.

Our map downloads have already been updated to include the new areas in this update.

With the release of this update, CipSoft confirmed to TibiaMaps.io that there are now 3,807,552 walkable tiles in total. (The previous official number was 3,766,537 walkable tiles, following the release of the 2021 Winter Update.) This total consists of 3,801,278 regular tiles and 6,274 conditionally walkable tiles such as quest doors. CipSoft has also shared the total number of unwalkable tiles: 16,661,941 (previously 16,526,806).

As part of the festivities, CipSoft released a video including a tour through their headquarters. The entire video is worth watching, but Tibia map enthusiasts might appreciate the following timestamps/highlights in particular:

  • 00:55: CipSoft has a huge Tibia map hanging on their office wall.
  • 01:26: An employee is using what looks to be CipSoft’s internal Tibia map editing software to design a new area. 🤯
  • 03:35: Another Tibia map hanging on an office wall.

Time Travel Dungeon

A teleportation machine in the north-eastern wall tower surrounding Thais transports adventurers to a large new area known as the Time Travel Dungeon. The areas throughout this dungeon resemble pre-existing areas in Tibia. The first floor looks like a combination of the Forest of Life, Lion’s Rock, and Kilmaresh.

The second floor includes elements from the Secret Library, Feyrist, the Halls of Hope, and Krailos.

The third floor pays tribute to Oramond, Roshamuul, Warzone I, The Hive, and Fiehonja.

The fourth floor looks like a mixture of Zao, Yalahar, Svargrond, and Liberty Bay.

The fifth floor combines aspects of Tiquanda, Ankrahmun, and Venore.

The sixth floor mimics Edron, Ab’dendriel, and Kazordoon.

The seventh floor looks like a retro version of Thais.

This floor contains a teleport to retro Calcanea.

Morshabaal boss room

A new world boss called Morshabaal has been said to appear from time to time. His boss room is accessible through a teleport to the north Edron. The room looks like this:

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