Minimap downloads for Tibia 11 for Windows and macOS

Tibia 11 for macOS is out! To celebrate the release, we’ve added a brand new maps installation guide for the Tibia 11 macOS client.

And there’s more good news: we’ve finally finished reverse-engineering the minimap file format used by the Tibia 11 client. What took us so long? Well, although we already figured out what the PNG files are supposed to look like back in September, it turns out that it’s not enough to generate pixel-perfect PNGs. The Tibia 11 client expects a very specific color palette to be hardcoded into the PNG file — use any other palette and the PNG won’t render properly in Tibia 11. This unexpected requirement made it harder to adapt our map data conversion scripts, but we managed to get it done in the end.

As a result, the Tibia 11-specific map downloads are now automatically updated whenever we update our main map data, just like the downloads for Tibia 10 and for the Flash client.