Locations of new blessings NPCs

Two brand new blessings are now obtainable in-game! This post describes how to reach the new NPCs (Kais and Nomad) and their new areas on the map.

NPC Kais

Kais provides the Blood of the Mountain blessing. Travel to the northern part of Tiquanda, and go down this shovel hole:

NPC Kais is in the small new cave below.

NPC Nomad

Nomad provides the Heart of the Mountain blessing. Go to Svargrond and ask Buddel to take you to the Raider Camp on Hrodmir. Walk to this tile to the south of Bittermor, face northwards, and levitate (exani hur up):

Nomad is walking around on top of the mountain.

Previously, you could only get a promotion and five blessings for a total reduction of 70%, meaning you lost 30% of your total experience upon death.
Being fully protected with all seven blessings reduces your loss of experience and skill points in case of a promoted character’s death by 86%, meaning you only lose 14% of your total experience upon death now. That’s less than half what you lost before! Go get the new blessings today!

For more information about blessings, see TibiaWiki.

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