Tibia bug: non-PZ tile in Thais depot

Thais has been decorated in preparation of Tibia’s 20th birthday. One specific map tile has an interesting bug, though…

In the depot of Thais, watch out for this tile:

Due to a bug, this tile is no longer a protection zone (PZ) despite being part of the depot. Health and mana regenerates while standing there, you can use mounts, and other players can attack you if they stack on the same tile. Here’s what that looks like:

Luckily, it’s impossible to drag players from a PZ tile to a non-PZ tile, so it’s still safe to go AFK on any other tile in the Thais depot.

This map bug is similar to the old Rathleton Plaza 1 bug, but there are some differences:

  • This time, the buggy tile is much more widely accessible.
  • This time, the buggy tile does not have a separate color on the minimap.
  • This time, the bug is not as exploitable by cheaters, as it doesn’t create a private non-PZ area.

The bug has been reported to CipSoft, who’ve announced a fix after tomorrow’s server save. Update: The fix is now live.