Tibia Winter Update 2016: what’s new on the map?

The 2016 Winter Update has been released! This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers. For information on other aspects of this update, see the official announcement on Tibia.com or the detail page for the Winter Update 2016 update on TibiaWiki.

Our map downloads have already been updated to include the new areas in this update.

Halls of Hope

The Halls of Hope form a recently rebuilt temple complex, located to the north of Thais.

There are seven teleports in the temple: six portals and one energy gate.

Portal of black energy

The black portal leads to the Old Masonry, a new underground area to the north of Ulderek’s Rock.

Portal of violet energy

The violet/purple portal leads to a new area called the Replica Dungeon.

Portal of green energy

The green portal leads to a modified area in the Outlaw Camp.

A nearby stony pond provides access to a new area called the Desecrated Glade.

Portal of orange energy

The orange portal leads to the Temple Complex, a new area in northern Zao.

Following the path leads to a brand new cave:

Portal of blue energy

The blue portal leads to the Formorgar Mines.

Following the path to the east reveals a new area:

The path further down leads to a new cave:

Portal of golden energy

The golden/yellow portal leads to a new area called the Astral Shaper Dungeon.

Energy gate

Once all quest missions have been completed, the energy gate takes you to a new cave.

The path downwards eventually leads to the final boss area.

Imbuing shrines

Each city’s main temple now has an imbuing shrine, which shows up as a red pixel on the map.

Have fun exploring the new areas!

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