Tibia Summer Update 2022: what’s new on the map?

CipSoft released the 2022 Summer Update! This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers. For information on other aspects of this update, see the official announcement on Tibia.com or the detail page for the Summer Update 2022 update on TibiaWiki.

Our map downloads have already been updated to include the new areas in this update.

With the release of this update, CipSoft confirmed to TibiaMaps.io that there are now 3,868,388 walkable tiles in total. (The previous official number was 3,807,552 walkable tiles, following the release of the 25th Anniversary update.) This total consists of 3,862,087 regular tiles and 6,301 conditionally walkable tiles such as quest doors. CipSoft has also shared the total number of unwalkable tiles: 16,826,242 (previously 16,661,941).


Under certain conditions, a newly discovered portal in the Kha’zeel Mountains teleports players to a new continent called Marapur. Marapur is located to the east of Ankrahmun and to the south of Roshamuul.

The best news of all? Marapur is the 20th city that’s part of the Measuring Tibia quest, and can thus be explored by adventurers looking for Points of Interest.

Fun fact: the Marapur bridges (example) have very low friction (90) and can be used to test the so-called “GM speedboost” for high-level players that can reach speed 1842+. Thanks to Lee kun for pointing out this interesting tidbit!


Another new quest involves the recent discovery of a colossal new cavern by the name of Gnomprona.

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