Party Loot Splitter

Need to share loot with your party members? Simply copy the output from the in-game “party hunt analyser” and paste it into the field below. The tool then tells you how to settle the balance.

The in-game party hunt analyser lets you copy its output.

Input from Tibia’s party hunt analyser


  • Ell Em should pay 18,316 gp to Snol. (transfer 18316 to Snol)
  • Ell Em should pay 137,312 gp to Sofsterella. (transfer 137312 to Sofsterella)
  • Ell Em should pay 85,625 gp to Xarsman. (transfer 85625 to Xarsman)
  • Mathias Bynens should pay 71,946 gp to Xarsman. (transfer 71946 to Xarsman)
  • Total balance: 48,964 gp
  • Number of people: 5
  • Balance per person: 9,792 gp