Tibia Winter Update 2019: what’s new on the map?

The 2019 Winter Update has been released! This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers. For information on other aspects of this update, see the official announcement on Tibia.com or the detail page for the Winter Update 2019 update on TibiaWiki.

Our map downloads have already been updated to include the new areas in this update.

With the release of this update, CipSoft confirmed to TibiaMaps.io that there are now 3,621,580 walkable tiles in total. (The previous official number was 3,601,862 walkable tiles.) This total consists of 3,615,514 regular tiles and 6,066 conditionally walkable tiles such as quest doors. CipSoft has also shared the total number of unwalkable tiles: 15,667,317.

Barren Drift

A new hunting ground called Barren Drift is located under the sea to the east of Oramond.

Brain Grounds

The Brain Grounds form another new underseas hunting area.


The Netherworld is a place between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Geographically speaking, however, it lies below sea level to the south of Quirefang:


Just like the Netherworld, Zarganash exists somewhere between between the world of the living and the world of the dead. On the map, it can be found below sea level to the north of Krailos.

Isle of Merriment

While not technically part of the update, the recent test server introduced the Isle of Merriment, a small arena island to the west of the main continent.

We expect this island to only become accessible during future test server events.

Have fun exploring the updated game map!