Bosstiary tips: Mad Mage

Instead of focusing exclusively on map-related updates like before, we’re now occasionally posting random tips & tricks about various aspects of Tibia. Let us know what you think!

Here are some tips for farming 300 Mad Mage kills to complete its Bosstiary entry.

The Bosstiary showing the completed entry for Mad Mage.

For general information about the mechanics, see the wiki page for Their Master’s Voice World Change. This blog post goes into more detail and provides additional pro tips.

Cleaning slime fungus

Every round, you need to clean at least 25 slimy tiles in order to gain access to the servant raids and eventually the boss. If you don’t clean enough slime in time, you get teleported to the entrance of the cave without a way to enter until the raids are over. Tips for this part:

  • Get a team of 7 to (at most) 14 people to clean the slime faster. (14 players is the maximum since there are only 350 slime fungi to be cleaned, and each player needs to clean at least 25 of them.)
  • An easy way to track your progress is to reset your Hunt Analyzer before each round of cleaning. This way, you can look for “XP Gain:” to show “500” (25 tiles × 20 experience points).
  • When cleaning up slime, zoom in on the minimap. It shows where there are still slime spots on the tiles around you.
  • There’s no need to drag corpses around to reveal the slimy tiles. You can clean up the slime through the corpses!
  • To easily track the 5-second cooldown of using the slime gobbler, look for the white message “You cannot use this item” to disappear.
  • The number of slime fungi cleaned carries over across server saves. For example, if you clean 24 slimes today without killing the boss, cleaning just 1 slime tomorrow would grant you access to the raids + boss.

Servant raids + the Mad Mage

  • Having a team of 7 or more people really helps during the servant raids / waves as well: each player can take one fixed spot and just kill their own box without moving around, to instantly proceed to the next wave.
  • Create a party with everyone who’s participating. This can help you track who’s nearby / who’s missing via the Party List widget, and can also help you unlock the “Very Rare” loot in the Bestiary for the Iron Servants, Golden Servants, and Diamond Servants.
  • If you reset your Hunt Analyzer beforehand as recommended in the previous section, you can roughly track when the boss spawns without having to count the raids. The boss doesn’t spawn until “Killed Monsters:” shows at least 50 killed diamond servants.
  • The Mad Mage has three possible spawn points. We found the exact spawn tiles and added them to the markers, so you can poison bomb them before the raids end. The Mad Mage seems to spawn most commonly in the southernmost spawn point.
  • Prepare three action bar buttons or hotkeys containing the text #y NORTH / #y EAST / #y SOUTH to easily yell the appropriate message when you found the boss.


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