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The level 999 door & Schrödinger’s island

As if there weren’t enough Tibian mysteries already, a recently discovered island that may or may not exist could be related to the elusive level 999 gate of expertise. The hype is real!

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Map exploration trick: walk diagonally

Since the 10.94 update there seems to be a way to explore areas more fully than previously possible.

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Tibia 10.94: what’s new on the map?

The 2016 Summer Update has been released! This blog post focuses on what this means for Tibia map explorers.

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Rathleton Plaza 1 map bug

A map bug involving the house on Rathleton Plaza 1 enables access to a private non-protection zone area. Whoops!

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Map-related changes in the Tibia 11 Beta client

The Tibia 11 client is now in beta. This blog post highlights two changes in the new client involving maps.

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